Bison Backboard Packages

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Bison Official Gym Upgrage Package will save you money and guarantee single source compatibility.  There is a package to fit your existing wall or ceiling mount structure regardless of manufacturer.  All components are designed and built by Bison for guaranteed compatibility
Premium and standard upgrade packages available and include backboard, goal and backboard padding. 
Packages include: Backboard, Goal, and Duraskin Backboard Padding  

  • OFX423180-XX - Official 180° Short Board with BA42XL 48"x72" Backboard (lifetime warranty), BA3180S Baseline Breakaway Collegiate Goal and padding
  • OFX4235E-XX    Official Short Board with BA42XL 48"x72" Backboard (lifetime warranty), BA35S ProTech Breakaway goal and padding
  • OFS4234-XX      Official Standard Short Board with BA42E 48"x72" Backboard (10 yr warranty), BA34TruFlex Breakaway goal and padding
  • OFC4235E-XX    Official Premium Conversion Backboard BA42XLC 42" x 72" (Lifetime warranty), BA35S ProTech Breakaway goal and padding
  • OFC4234-XX      Official Standard Conversion Backboard BA42XLC 42" x 72"  (Lifetime warranty), BA34 TruFlex Breakaway goal and padding
  • OFX483180-XX  Official Premium 180° Tall Backboard BA48XL 48" x 72" (Lifetime warranty), BA3180T Baseline Breakaway goal and padding
  • OFX4835E-XX    Official Premium Tall Backboard BA48XL 48" x 72" (Lifetime warranty), BA35 ProTech Breakaway goal and padding
  • OFS4834-XX      Official Standard Tall Backboard BA48 48" x 72" (ten yr limited warranty), BA34 Tru Flex Breakaway goal and  padding

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