Shooter's Touch

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Shooter's Touch Basketball Gloves are designed with thumb-straps and palm pads to keep the ball in proper position in your hands and to ensure an great release on every shot! The thumb strap on the non-shooting hand wraps around the thumb and pulls it up tight next to the index finger. This prevents the thumb from being used to flip the ball during the release! Now you can truly develop that one-handed reliable shot! The thumb strap on the shooting hand is wrapped around the thumb so it won’t extend too far out. This can cause the shooter to squeeze the ball out instead of flipping it out with the hand relaxed. With the straps in place and the palm pads on each glove the ball now sits properly in your hands and your release will be amazingly accurate! 

  • The Shooter's Touch Basketball Glove will help players at any level. 
  • Sizing: measure in centimeters the width of the palm at the point just below all the fingers

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