Shoot-A-Way Gun 10K

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The 10K Gun comes with a true touch screen programming center and app which allows coaches to track players improvement through their smart phone. Players can also download shooting data from the Gun to their smart phone. The Gun features real-time analytics displayed from 11 different shooting areas on the touch screen. The 10K also allows you to program shooting workouts that demand so many "makes in a row" before the Gun will move to another area. Choose your color or choose the "Blackout" option to make the body of your machine black in color! 

Additional Options - 

  • Wireless music with speakers -allows you to play music from your phone while getting in shooting repetition
  • Workout Printer - will print out a receipt to hold players accountable
  • Post Work - optional "catch" net that allows for players to move the Gun away from the basket and receive post entry passes
  • Heart rate monitor - track heart rate and compare it to shooting percentage
  • Storage Cover - half cover or whole cover
  • You can only choose Wireless Speakers or Workout Printer.....there is not an option for both!!

Please call for quotes!!