Gun 8000 with Scoreboard

8000 Gun/Scoreboard
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The Shoot-A-Way Gun 8000 with Shot tracker will track your players shooting sessions and allow you to upload them to your computer for in depth analysis. Just touch where you want balls to be passed - as many spots as you want. Now you can work on drills such as elbow to elbow or slot to corner or target shots you will get in a game.

  • Select your time delay between each pass. Any beginner or advanced shooter can now easily practice quick release shots or shots off the dribble with the push of a button.
  • Select the number of shots per spot. Now you can shoot multiple shots at each spot before the Gun 8000 moves to the next spot. Choose anywhere from 1 to 999 shots per spot! This allows you to focus on successful repetition vs just getting 500 shots in. Extra feature includes REQUIRED SHOTS MADE...will require shots to be made before the Gun moves to the next spot. This allows you to focus on successful repetition vs just getting 500 shots in.
  • Includes 5 Function Wireless Remote Control - A user will be able to start or stop the Gun from firing anytime they wish. Not only that, you can control the time between passes allowing you to change a drill on the fly. You can manually fire a ball with the push of a button making it easier to teach the correct shooting form.
  • 10 pre-loaded drills that can easily be accessed through the push of a button and also give you the ability to load and save 17 of your drills on the Guns memory.  Any of these drills can be loaded by pressing two buttons.

Additional Options

  • Scoreboard - The New Countdown Lights allow you to know when the next ball is going to be fired. This allows shooters to work on attacking the basket or pull up jumpers without fear the next ball will fire without anybody to catch it.
  • Workout Printer - With a touch of a button a workout receipt can be printed to track any given shooting workout. You can requiring players to sign their workout and leave it on the desk so monthly or yearly totals can easily be tracked.

    (works with optional scoreboard) 

  • Storage Cover

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