Star Shooter Training System

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Score More with Star Shooter Training System.  This a complete program that contains everything needed to become a great shooter. It is Guaranteed to produce dramatic results, regardless of the shooter's age or skill level.  Perfect the One Hand Shot with the Star Shooter strap.   It teaches the correct, most accurate shooting method.   It will dramatically improves shooting accuracy, mechanics and confidence in players.  

The Star Shooter Training System includes: 

  • Shooting Strap 
  • "Shooting with a Passion for Excellence"  DVD that provides an in-depth explanation of how to shoot that demonstrates a 12 drill method that is guaranteed to develop perfect form in both hands. The shooting aid is effective in that it allows the user to totally concentrate on building power form in the shooting hand. Players will also learn the correct way to shoot free throws and how to recognize and correct problems without assistance.

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