Zipedo Rebounder

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“Shoot, miss and REBOUND!” Instinct of positioning for rebounds is a sought trait that all coaches strive to instill in their players. Repetition forms habits. The more you can repeat game like situations the quicker the habit is formed. The contact surface on the Zipedo is very simple, but is made to best duplicate ball bounce as if nothing were on the rim. Rather than concentrating on missing a shot so it can be rebounded you can concentrate on coaching during rebound drills and feel confident that the Zipedo is helping to instill the valuable habit of positioning, by giving you realistic ball bounce after each shot. Using the lift handle while standing on the floor to install or remove the Zipedo, saves valuable practice time.

  • Allows you to coach, taking away the worry of made shots during rebounding drills. 
  • Accurately portrays the rebound angle of a missed shot, allowing your team to learn proper rebound location. 
  • Eliminates the use of a ladder for installation. 
  • Takes less than 10 seconds to install, allowing team rebounding drills to occur on the game floor.

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