Courtclean System

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Courtclean® Damp Mop System will allow you to clean large gymnasium surfaces quickly and effectively within 5 minutes or less.  
It's large surface mop and towel, picks up dust, dirt, and debris that mops miss so your court surface is more slip resistant.
A new sleek design with an increased surface area and lower center of gravity provides faster, more effective wide-area cleaning. 

  • Convenient built-in carrying handle for easy transportation
  • Sturdy metal pull strap fasteners designed for added strength and longer life
  • Hook and loop fasteners secure cleaning towel in place
  • Low center of gravity maintains surface contact
  • Includes specially designed towel and pull rope 
  • 6 feet wide | Dimensions: 72" x 8" x 2 1/2"

Courtclean protects the floor finish, dries instantly, reduces maintenance costs, reduces labor hours, removes dirt & debris.

Use on basketball courts, volleyball courts, health clubs, office buildings, churches or any large hard surface area that you need cleaned quickly and efficiently.

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