Cramer Tuf-Tek Jr. Athletic Trainer Kit

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Cramer Tuf-Tek™ Junior Soft Sided Athletic Trainer Kit is available equipped and ready to take on the on field or court.

  • Multiple layers of external storage makes space better organized and more accessible
  • Semi-rigid shell is encased in a combination of our new super durable and stylish Tuf-Tek material
  • Rigid supports in the main walls 
  • Rounded corner design gives a large, more aerodynamic and sleek look
  • Single pull zipper design allows for a gradual turn around corners which increases zipper life and eases access into the bag
  • Convenient cell phone pocket
  • Size: 12" X 10.5" X 8" 

Equipped Bag Includes: (Contents may vary)
(1) 3" Elastic Wrap, (1) Tuf-Skin®, (1) PVP Pack, (1) Roll Athletic Tape, (2) Latex Gloves, (1) Bulk Bandage Pack, (1) Skin Lube, (1) Pocket Mirror (1) Sterile Eye Wash, (10) Antibiotic Creams 
(1) Sam™ Finger Splint, (1) Iso-Quin®, (1) Sports Injury Handbook, (1) Zip-Cut™, (1) Atomic Balm®, (1) Cinder Suds®, (1) Tape Underwrap  

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