Lateral Resistor Trainer

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This lower body resistance trainer develops first step quickness, hip flexibility, lateral speed and explosive power and allows for focused training of underused stabilizer muscles for injury rehabilitation or physical therapy applications. It increases the intensity of speed and quickness drills (shuffles, sprints, hops, backpedals, defensive slides) to the improve the acceleration and deceleration that contributes to peak athletic performance and creates optimum body control that prevents injuries.


  • Secure straps for comfort and safety
  • Adjustable resistance to continually challenge muscles
    (3-in-1 cable pocket can hold up to three interchangeable resistance cables for forces ranging from 30 to over 180 pounds)
  • (3) 9” cables (40lbs. peak resistance each) and instruction manual
  • Lightweight design for the gym, home or travel


  • Equal resistance in all directions allows for freedom of movement
  • Increase agility, balance and speed for better athletic performance
  • Build complete lower body strength for explosive moves

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