Bison Unbreakable XL Glass Backboards

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Bison Unbreakable XL Glass Backboards  Built-in support structure absorbs over 98% of the stress from goal contact without transferring it to the glass...Goal is mounted "off glass" so even excessive hanging and abuse will not cause stress.  Never again be concerned about the risk of injury or inconvenience of glass breakage. Every "XL" unbreakable backboard features a polished aluminum extrusion framework, glass cushioning gasket, high strength steel support structure, ½" tempered glass with fire impregnated bright white border and shooters square and unconditional lifetime warranty.  
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Available Options:

  • BA42XL -  42" Short Unbreakable "XL" Glass Backboard has the industry standard 35½" x 62" structure mounting design and 5" x 4" goal hole pattern to make upgrade retrofitting to any manufacturer's short board ceiling or wall mount structure foolproof • Unconditional lifetime warranty
  • BA48XL  - 48" Tall Unbreakable "XL" Glass Backboard Same as BA42XL except 48" x 72" size...With 42" x 62" structure mounting pattern and 5" x 5" goal mounting pattern • Compatible with all manufacturer's tall board structures • BA48XL is the only unbreakable 48" backboard in the industry and is the perfect solution to upgrading old traditional 48" glass boards that are now in use in thousands of gyms across the country • Unconditional lifetime warranty.
  • BA42XLC - 42" Short Unbreakable "XL" Glass Conversion Backboard Make the transition...Go from old fan-shaped steel or glass backboards to popular 42" x 72" rectangular glass backboards normally without modification or relocation of your existing wall or ceiling support structures • The 35" wide x 20" high rear structure mounting pattern is the standard in the industry for most fan-shaped gym backboards and structures • Unconditional lifetime warranty. 
  • BA48XLC -  48" Tall Unbreakable "XL" Glass Conversion Backboard This board is intended primarily for replacement of broken, existing 48" boards, mounted on fan style, wall or ceiling structures (35" x 20") common in older gyms...If you are replacing fan steel or glass backboards on both ends of a court, Bison recommends use of BA42XLC short backboards • Consult a Bison Product Specialist for selection of the right board for your application • Formerly BA48C • Unconditional lifetime warranty