Buzzer Beater™ Perimeter LED Light Kit

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Buzzer Beater™ Perimeter LED Light Kit is neatly housed inside custom PVC extrusions, are cleanly interconnected to eliminate the clutter usually found in competitors’ systems 

  • Affixed to the outer most part of the back of the glass backboard, the LED lights are easily seen without blocking the view from behind the glass or interfering with the play 
  • They comply with the most recent recommendations from FIBA, NCCA and NBA
  • The kit includes LED light strips, adapter cable and 120 or 220 Volt AC power supply with 24 Volt AC output
  • The lights are turned on and off from a signal sent from the shot clock and scoreboard 
  • Please specify shot clock and score board manufacturer and model number
  • For your convenience, you may also purchase Gared's Model LXP4200LED or AFRG42LED, which are new boards with the perimeter LED lights already factory installed.