Gared 3000 Master Breakaway Goal

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Gared 3000 Master Goal Breakaway Goal with Nylon Net breakaway mechanism is set to break at 160 lbs of pressure.  The hefty construction and architecture of the goal creates an unparalleled playing surface for any facility environment.  Heat treated ball bearings and steel hardened springs create a positive lock pressure setting allowing precise fly-back action.  Hole pattern configurations allow for nearly universal compatibility with all other 42” x 72” backboards regardless of manufacture

  • 3/8” single ring goal, strengthening full steel wing braces
  • Adjustable internal spring, and breakaway mechanism
  • 4"x5" goal mounting pattern.  
  • Each rim is shipped with mounting hardware and official anti-whip net with 24 hours of order
  • No-tie net attachment
  • Meets NCAA, NAIA & NFHS specifications.
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty on Breakaway Mechanism, 4 Year Limited Warranty on Rim
  • 24 Hour Ship

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