J-Glove Shooting DVD's

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DVD "Millennium Ball Handling" "Millennium Shooting Workout" "Millennium Unstoppable offensive Skill Set" "Millennium Ball Handling Series"

  • Millennium Series Ball-Handling DVD - A classic with the basketball community. A functional up to date and effective ball-handling curriculum on the market. Principles and drills such as hand quickness, full court continuous patterns, and multi-ball dribbling.
  • Millennium Ball-Handling New-age functional progressions that transfer to success on the court...handle game-like situations invlolving handling. Innovative drills focusing on hand quickness, dribble mechanics, dribble agility and dribble conditioning broken down for all levels of players.
  • Millennium J-Glove Shooting Workout DVD Taking a scientific look into proper shooting, while debating past principles that have been past around generations. All about developing a quick release, forming a proper shooting line with your body joints, while focusing on the most untaught concept - Open Hand Follow through. Learn how to utilize J-Glove shooting aid and rills and tips to fix shooting errors.
  • Millennium Unstoppable Offensive Skill Set One of the most detailed Offensive Skill DVD you will find. Covers concepts such as: Triple Threat, Dribble Attack/Threat, How to get open and Hand Quickness. Lots of info and drills for you training. Mixed with Overload V-Bands Wrist Weight Training.
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