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Within just a few weeks ProShot will take your shooting to the next level! The band keeps your fingers in the same position with the same spacing each shot. Players won't need to worry about their hands and will benefit from getting the same, consistent release every time. The band helps create even pressure on your fingertips as you release the ball, helping give the perfect rotation and form. Not only does the band help with your shooting and guide hand, it also help with dribbling by making you dribble with your fingertips and giving you more control over the ball!


"I believe in the ProShot more than any other basketball training aid in the market. I first purchased them in March of 2014 for our team and the guys use them all the time. I have seen some great results from using the ProShot and I am happy to say, we have ordered additional ProShot bands this year to reinforce finger spacing in more players." -Coach Jerry Petitgoue, Cuba City, Executive Director of the WBCA

"The ProShot is an unbelievable product. I was introduced to them at the Final Four in Indianapolis for the first time. I purchase a few of them to trial with our guys and the results were amazing after just one practice. I just placed an order for our entire program. Truly an amazing product." -Coach Che Roth, The Cannon School, North Carolina

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