Bison Competition Volleyball Net

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Bison Kevlar Competition Volleyball Net is designed specifically to install easily and bowstring tight on Bisons Centerline™, CarbonMax™, Lady CarbonMax™and Match Point™systems.  
  • ¼" no-stretch Kevlar top rope and 3/8" tenex bottom rope   
  • Knotless woven webbing for tighter square net tensioning 
  • White top, bottom and side tapes 
  • Meets all appropriate association rules 
  • 32' x 1 meter official size 
  • Four easy operating rope ratchet side tape tensioners 
  • Rope ratchet bottom rope tensioner 
  • Top and bottom ropes extra long to allow use with floor sockets from 35'-45' apart 
  • May require field shortening of top rope 
  • Includes zippered net storage bag and top and bottom rope cable covers 
  • Two-year limited warranty.