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Turbo Stats Basketball

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The Fastest, Easiet way to keep stats.

If you coach a basketball team, run a basketball tournament or league then TurboStats was created for you. Enter game data in minutes after the game or track stats during the game in live game scoring mode. Create unlimited teams, set player positions, enter unlimited games.  Using our new Score Keeper Software1 on your Palm OS handheld computer you can track game stats courtside for both teams and import all statistics and shot charts after the game. Stats can be broken down by any period and you can create player, team and game reports and shot chart diagrams. Report by conference, non conference and other game types. TurboStats can even update most websites automatically with HTML output. No other stat tracking system can match it. Used by thousands of College, High School an Youth teams. 1. ScoreKeeper Software sold Separately. Palm PDA available at you locate office supply or computer store.

  • Basketball Turbo Stats - Standard Features
  • Optional Live Game Scoring Mode
  • Imports Game Data from Score Keeper
  • Track 50 Individual, Team & Career Stats
  • Shot Charts for each Player & Team
  • Conference, Tournament & Playoff Reports
  • Prints Data Entry Worksheets
  • Address, Phone Number & Mailing Labels
  • Post Game Scoring on PC or Laptop
  • Automatic Web Page HTML Output
  • Drag n Drop Court Layout Tool
  • Sort or Graph any Stat Category (available separately)   
    Turbo Stats Live
  • enter stats live for both teams
  • track actual rebound percentage
  • track five player +- combination sports
  • NCAA style box scores & play-by-play

  • Turbo Stats Pro Series same as Live Version +
  • View the four factors during a live game
  • Track per minute stats for each player
  • Color coded shot charts
  • Track contested vs uncontested shots
  • Animated playbook with multi-pass ops
  • Track defensive points given up

  • Turbo Stats Ultra same as Pro Series +
  • Score by Video with Integrated Game Clock
  • Automatically Tag Video While you Score
  • Sort Video by any Combination of Events
  • Track All Your Offensive Plays and Options
  • Track Stats by Defensive and Point Guard
  • Produce Highlight Videos with Optional PowerDirector (available at CyberLink.com)