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AirCat Volleyball Machine is a fully-automatic digging, setting, tipping, serving, passing, blocking drill machine. Delivers the safest game-like high repetition drills for your offensive and defensive volleyball drills.  The AirCAT machine can feed up to 1,200 fast, precise throws per hour.   It’s all done by air, so you’ll eliminate ball replacement costs while gaining a whole new array of volleyball drills designed to improve team and/or individual play. Program the AirCAT to perform just about any drill your team or players need: digging, hitting, setting, serve receive and blocking drills. 
AirCAT has no spinning wheels or exposed moving parts to ensure coach and player safety.   The built-in rechargeable battery pack provides up to 6-8 hours of training.    
  • Automatic Ball Feeder stores & automatically feeds up to 10 volleyballs
  • Electronic Control Panel lets you set automatic timer, ball speed & tempo, & tells you when to recharge the batteries. 
  • Adjustable Angle tilts to simulate sets, passes, hits or serves.  
  • Battery Operated, Wireless remote control - allows you to launch volleyballs from far away as 200 feet
  • Wheeled Stand puts the AirCat™ at a player’s height to simulate realistic ball launches, & also give you the ease of mobility.                      
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