HIGHandTIGHT Football

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The HnTv1 teaching football is the only 3-in-1 ball of its kind in the world. This patented football includes a slippery exterior, added weight and most importantly gives the user instant audible feedback (A BEEP) when they are holding the football correctly, high and TIGHT. 

  • The ball works with all levels of players and all styles of offense from the pro-style against their chest to wing-T carry with two hands over the ball. 
  • This ball will give instant audible feed back when it is done correctly and help you create habits that win games.
  • Teaching balls come with HIGHandTIGHT video system and Certification program. 

Coach Mike Singletary's thoughts
Here is WHY we created the balls
What the ball is for
Redskins using the football
Cowboys using the football
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